Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge VIP Race Party - March 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

During the F1 week, JOHNNIE WALKER® being the world’s leading Scotch Whisky and the number one whisky in Malaysia held their highly anticipated party, JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE!  For the first time, the VIP Race Party was held on a Wednesday night! Accommodating over 1,500 A-list guests and JOHNNIE WALKER® fans, it was held in a spacious hall MAEPS, Serdang.

With the interior of the hall decorated to in everything Black & Gold and never ending rows of Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles on every table, every bar top... Now, that is how a VIP is suppose to party! Not forgetting, drinking only the best mixes from World Class mixologists from the BLACK FLAVOUR LAB like the Black Circuit cocktail, Black Temptation and the Black Sorbet!

Why on a Wednesday night? The JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE was put on the Wednesday of the F1 week on purpose because for the first time, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ F1™ driver, Jenson Button made his first appearance at the VIP Race Party! Since 2005,  JOHNNIE WALKER®  has been the global partner of Formula One™ team  Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership.

The crowd at the JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE was brought to live by DJs from all around the world for a night of VIP partying! We had DJ Dim Sum from Hong Kong, DJ SmithAgentSmith and DJ Politik from Hollywood and not forgetting our very own DJ Nadine from Malaysia.

Keeping up to date with the modern social media scene, VIP guests were given an RFID-enabled invitations unique only to their Facebook account. We could CHECK-IN directly from the tag upon arriving and get our party photos uploaded instantly on Facebook or emailed directly to us!

A video simulation game booth was also set up at the party for us to experience the Drive of a Lifetime in the seat of a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ F1™ car! JOHNNIE WALKER® continually innovates to bring exciting new consumer experiences to the  BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE  for a high-flying Formula One™ lifestyle experience!

At the stroke of midnight, Johnnie Walker Malaysia threw in a surprise with DJ SmithAgentSmith's Gold sets, flash mob dancers and gold confetti blizzard! Giving the GOLD CELEBRATION MOMENT and a bottle of JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ at every table for the rest of the night!

JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE was definitely the place to be. Caught up with so many familiar faces. (yes, I have been outta the scene for quite a bit. trying to be a good girl. *hehe*) Everyone was looking at their very best! Black, gold and everything in between!

My babes were there and everywhere! It was crazy! No one would stay put in one place for long! It was almost impossible to stick with anyone! Although we all got tables way in front of the DJ deck, roaming around was extremely more appealing! =P

Celebrities and models who attended the  JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE  lit the night with glitz and glam! You can't miss the eye-catching, head turning ladies like Fay Hokulani, Hannah Tan, Linora Low and Leng Yein. Definitely not forgetting the likes of Dominic Lau, Alex Yoong, Josiah Mizukami, Reshmonu and many more who partied up a storm with their presence! 

I had a hella fun time that night although it was a total bummer that I had to be extremely strict with myself throughout the night because I had to work the next day! So much for wanting to leave the party early though! =P I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE! EVER! 

As how Lewis Hamilton would put it, 

Get an all insider look into the world of JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK CIRCUIT LOUNGE right here in HD! 


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Johnnie Walker Facebook: https://www.blackcircuit.com.my/facebook
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