Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Wednesday, January 25, 2012
One not so ordinary afternoon at home in Kuching turned out to be one of the most reflective and awakening afternoon in years. A 14 year old girl managed to just made me boil beyond my normal temperament in less than 3 hours. 

I was once 14 years old. I was once a rebel. I was once a curious kid. I was once a kid who didn't care about anything much. But as of now, I have come to realize that I am beginning to care of all the things I used to not be bothered with when I was younger!

All the things that I never used to care about has suddenly become  more significant to me! Furnitures, the fridge, the car... the electricity usage, to say the least! And all this because a teenager, who was a total stranger was in the house and managed to bring me up to a boiling state of mind for not caring nor showing respect to other people's property! 

It astounds me that her parents did not teach her how to behave in people's home! 
  • One does not go into people's home and starts opening the fridge for at least 10 times in less than 3 hours! 
  • One does not dig out old photo albums in the house to look when not asked to! 
  • One does not takes the house keys to let herself out, standing outside with the door wide open to welcome potential robbers! (a guy actually came at the door to ASK FOR MONEY! *creepy*)
  • One does not THEN comes back in, locks the gate and toss the keys on the shoe cupboard! Disregarding the fact that the keys may just leave scratch marks! 

Oh, how vexing it is on my poor nerves! If you do not know how to behave like a proper guest in other people's home, it is very most likely that I shall never be able to welcome you back into my home. Since when simple thing like this would piss me off? I really don't know but I would think that I now have found a whole new meaning to appreciating your own home and showing respect to other people's home! 

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