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Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Okie, you know how busy everyone can get when it comes to work and family commitments. How many of you actually make it a point to set some time aside for some fun healthy activities? Mmmm, personally... I don't and probably a hand full of us actually think we don't have that kind of time to set aside.. *admit*

Ever wondered what type of athlete you are? Or better still, what category of after-hours athlete you fall under? PUMA Social, the purveyor of after-hours Social Sports is back with renewed vigour, and continues to inject fun and irreverence to the sports sphere by bringing together after-hours athlete from all over the world, giving them a platform for social exchange and friendly competition all in the name of fun and camaraderie.

Launched at Cosmic Bowl, Mid Valley and attended by members of the media and a host of PUMA Friends such as Jay Menon, Suki, Dennis Lau, Phat Fabes & Ben, Jason Phang, Jeff Chin Chermaine Poo, Roshan, James Baum, Aric, attendees were introduced to the elements that make up PUMA Social’s latest campaign, which include a personality test and “pimped-up” version of its latest social sports – BOWLING.

On an on-ground level, consumers were introduced to the campaign via a fun and interactive club event, known as the PUMA Social Club Tour. Entitled “Here’s to the After-Hours Athlete”, it paid homage to the champions of late night games i.e. foosball, ping pong, darts and arcade games, and applauded accomplished individuals who enjoy the smell of victory and the agony of defeat, whilst keeping track of their life’s Scoreboard. 

Josiah Mizukami - Host for the night
This time round, the club event is known as the PUMA Social Club Nights, where Malaysian after-hours athletes will be given the opportunity to experience PUMA’s quirky interpretation of bowling at designated corners within each participating club.

The club events will not only take place in the Klang Valley, but also in key market centres such as Penang, 2 December at Fuel, Autocity; Melaka, 9 December at Movida; Johor Bahru, 10 December at Hola Pub & Bistro; and finally, Klang Valley, 25 November at Ecoba, Damansara Perdana and 26 November, Movida, Sunway Giza. The grand finale will take place on 16 December 2011, also at Cosmic Bowl – the place where it all began.

Consumers who wish to win PUMA vouchers and score invites to the PUMA Social Finale Party will need to log on to PUMA Social’s microsite: and answer three (3) questions that will determine their personality types.

There are a total of eight (8) personality group types: Playerz, Top Shots, Picfreaks, Hot Stuff, Songbirdz, Wigglers, Bottom-uppers and Foodies that they will fall under. Depending on their answers, consumers will be lumped into these respective groups, where they will be given the opportunity to battle it out amongst themselves at the PUMA Social Finale Party.

Upon determining their personality types, consumers will need to RSVP their attendance for the finale, before they are given PUMA vouchers worth RM20 each. Consumers who utilise these vouchers and purchase PUMA products worth RM120 and above before the PUMA Social Finale Party will automatically be upgraded to VIP status, where added privileges will be provided to them on that day itself.

A full listing of events, venues and dates will be released and updated on Become a fan on for immediate updates on the events happening for Puma Social. Partners for PUMA Social’s latest campaign include Carlsberg, Jagermeister and Cosmic Bowl.

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Put on your sports cap and get your butt down to the bowling alley with PUMA!

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