Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have you heard of the latest auction site in town? If you know of Sold.sg then let me introduce you to the Malaysian cousin of Sold.sg, Sold.my! It was only launched last week on 15 November! That is how new Sold.my is in Malaysia! Sold.my is here to stay for a long-run! They are focused and committed to deliver only the best auctions to their bidders!

Sold.sg has been running for over a year now and is the largest pay-to-bid site in Singapore! With that, Sold.sg is here to bring the fun experience of bidding and winning items to Malaysia on Sold.mySold.my is an innovative auction website that offers users the chance to win brand new luxury and lifestyle products and services at greatly discounted prices. A whole variety of items are put up for auction daily.

You can check out the completed auctions and see how much others are bidding and winning! I saw that there was a Blackberry Bold 9900 that closed at RM2.32! Now, that is super worth it! Though the person did bid with RM15. That the best RM17.32 ever spent, in my opinion!

Wondering how these auctions work? Here's a short brief on how to bid!

You can always click on the thumbnail of the items to view the details like the iPad 2 below! On the right of the page, you can track the bid history and set an auto-bidder. Do be reminded that when the Bid reaches below 20 seconds, every Bid on the item will reset the timer to 20 seconds.

I tried bidding on a few items myself for the past week and seriously?!? I actually sat down for 3 hours straight, watching the bid trying to end!! Every time the timer gets down to 5 seconds, my heart is crazy pumping hoping I am the last bidder!!

There are strategies involved that make the auctions a lot more exciting and entertaining, for example, you can employ the use of auto-bidders to help you place your bids. The mission here is to Outwit, Outbid and Outlast your fellow bidders, win the item you want and have a truck load of fun while doing it! More tips and strategies on how to bid click right here

Basic Terms & Conditions:
- Users must be 18 years and above
- Users must use their real details at registration (failure to do so will result in penalties)
- Each user can only register once - Each household can only have a maximum of 3 accounts

Company Information: 
 Sold.my is owned and operated by Soldgers Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia based company
 (Co. Reg. No.: 957541-X).

Address: A-5-9 Empire Tower, SS16/1 Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 5021 9242
Email: info@sold.my

Website: http://www.sold.my
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/soldmy 
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/solddotmy

The future of entertainment shopping has arrived. 
Revolutionise the way you shop today!

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Octo said...

sold.my is a fraud and scam. I would like the authorities to investigate this site if its legitimate. This scam is actually was done in the USA with the exact same concept. The trick is that, the item does not exist. when a macbook air goes for rm11.20 people will buy the tokens in order to get into the bidding. the website makes money solely on the selling of the tokens. why is no pics posted or any reviews by people who has won the bid. the bids are won by people who in sold.my and not any outsiders


tcsunny said...

I strongly agree with you. I also noticed that the Iphone stated for 20second left for bidding suddenly changed to 33 minutes left. If you don't believe, observe yourselve. DON'T be cheated!!!

tcsunny said...

I strongly agree with you. I also noticed that the Iphone stated for 20second left for bidding suddenly changed to 33 minutes left. If you don't believe, observe yourself. DON'T be cheated!!!

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