Friday, November 25, 2011

Panasonic - True Beauty Launch!

Friday, November 25, 2011
What is 'True Beauty'? Mmmm, now that is something even I have trouble figuring out. I'm sure if any of us figures out the answer, life would be so much easier for us females, right? I guess for now, we can only interpret what true beauty means to each and every one of us. 

Panasonic Malaysia  has just launched a new campaign called 'True Beauty' showcasing their health & beauty products. It was a grand event held at Nero Room - Vertigo decorated with everything red in conjunction with the red theme of 'True Beauty'. 

The elegant launching was officiated by the Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, Mr. Jeff Lee who praised women and their beauty in his welcoming speech. Among the many top management of Panasonic who attended was Chris Tomachi, Harry Sasaki and Matsuoka Kiyoshi.

With beautiful ladies hosting and gracing their appearance at the launch like Xandria Ooi and Miss Tourism International 2011, Nathalie Dekker, the official launch of Panasonic - True Beauty was certainly not short of true beauties strutting the floors that night. 

So, why Panasonic True Beauty?
Beauty as define by Panasonic is:

B - Beautiful,
E - Elegant,
A - Attractive,
U - Universal,
T - True, and
Y - Youthful.

A total true beauty care includes caring for the body, face, hair and oral health. A brief introduction on all the Panasonic True Beauty products was presented. The new range of beauty care products are as follows:-
  1. Nanocare Facial Steamer, 
  2. Facial Static Roller, 
  3. Pore Cleanser, 
  4. Eyelash Curler, 
  5. Pocket Doltz Sonic Toothbrush, 
  6. Nanocare Hair Dryer, 
  7. Multi-Styling Hair Straightener,
  8. Epilator
The launch ended with strong upbeat performance by violinist extraordinaire, Dr. Joanna Yeoh and her prodigy. Two extraordinary violinist with admirable beauty to entice the guests with their music and mark the start of a truly True Beauty campaign. 

Speaking of which, Ms. Nathalie Dekker is the new face of Panasonic - True Beauty. With the introduction of Panasonic True Beauty product line-up, consumers can enjoy total beauty solution at their own convenience. Be sure to catch the new tv commercial for Panasonic True Beauty in weeks to come and consumers can anticipate great packages and promotions for the coming festive seasons! 

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Here's to an amazing journey of True Beauty with Panasonic! 
Total beauty solution any time any where.

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