Thursday, November 17, 2011

OWC & Growing Some Loyalty Balls!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Watch this and tell me if you agree with it!

If you are a female and you agree with the OWC's mission, please by all means 

If you are a male and you agree with the OWC's mission, please grow some LOYALTY BALLS!

Do you seriously think that by being the obedient, submissive and fulfil his desire more than a first-class prostitute can do would deter the husband away from cheating on you? HELLO! In order for him to even consider marrying a second wife, third wife and even a fourth wife means that he HAS ALREADY BLOODY FOOL cheated on the first wife EMOTIONALLY and MENTALLY! When he finally marries again, it would be LEGAL for him to cheat on you, PHYSICALLY!

Because in his mind, he has developed feelings for a woman he does not know enough about and his intention to marry her is so that he can seal the deal? He's already cheating in his mind and heart! Is it so hard to comprehend the idea of marrying more than one wife?

Allowing a man to marry 3 more times is just giving him the opportunity to CHEAT ON YOU LEGALLY, right in front of you! It means that you will not be able to say SHIT about it and SHUT UP because your LAW says it is legal and that you probably will receive a golden umbrella in Heaven! (yes, I do not know why you would need a golden umbrella in Heaven, when you reach up there... you should not even be bothered about material things!)

Imagine how a man would feel if the wife is allowed to marry more than one husband? [Oh no, wait. It's without question the stupidest idea, right? Because a woman will not be able to upkeep 4 husbands.] But imagine it! Would you men grant it? Would you have it that way? In actual fact, the mission of OWC is only just scratching on the surface and making it legal for them to talk about sex freely without having to fear speaking out of context. 

Instead of blaming on the wife that if she is not obedient, submissive and fulfilling desires more than a first-class prostitute, the husband will stray and look for sex elsewhere... maybe we should redirect the focus on the husbands!

I'd say GROW SOME LOYALTY BALLS before even thinking about getting married!

If you are lacking those balls, please continue on being single with no strings attached and have all the 'happy endings' you want. Let the women have their happily ever after with men who would cherish and love ONLY them!

*PS: This post is not to offend anyone but only to open your eyes. A different perspective. 

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lciaravi said...

Oh, this is so disgusting! Poor takes a 'big heart' to love all four wives equally..!

yomi said...

i dont know how he does it but it's so much work to have 4 wives!

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