Monday, May 02, 2011

My KL Birthday!

Monday, May 02, 2011
So, this is it.
It has been exactly one year since I moved here from Kuching.
Here being, Kuala Lumpur.
365 days of it.

So how does it feel being here without family or relatives?
Pretty manageable from my end. =P
Of course, I do rely a lot more on friends here.
Without them, I would probably be miserable and sad.
That and I probably have the best boyfriend ever who can make me laugh and cry all at once!

I guess with my new found freedom, I have found some happiness.
I have yet to feel extremely crummy about myself as I used to.
Though I am way too comfortable being comfortable and practical!
For an extreme change, I now wear slippers almost everywhere I go.
Shorts a must and totally undone hair and makeup is almost non-existent.

Being here in KL has given me lots of experiences and opportunities.
Like attending exclusive parties such as Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, Hennessy Artistry, Fashion Week, DKNY Belvedere Fashion Meets Music Preview Party, XPAX XPlay Party, etc.
I was also invited to review hotels and be a Nike Ambassador. =P Just for awhile!
That would probably be my ultimate dream.
To just review food and hotels!
Have always wanted to be a Travel TV HOST. =P Wahahahha! *dream on*

I guess, in all summary....


its my KL BIRTHDAY!!

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ahlost said...

Haha.. Happy KL Birthday, Yomi <3

yomi said...

Thank you, ahlost!

Eve! said...

Babe,Happy birthday KL style!


Anonymous said...

so .... he's no hindian. he's just a fuglyian.

yomi said...

Thanks Eve!

Anon: whatever you call him, it will not change what i think of him or what everyone else thinks of him. what's it to you? LOL! besides, you barely give a shit about me... do you think i will give a shit about you especially when i dont know you? wahahaha! anyway, please do continue with my bf's physical criticisms .. i have only one thing to say to you. in the words of Lady Gaga, he was born this way. neither him or i would care. we are obviously more mature than you, kiddo.

adr1an said...

Im so hurt by Anon's comment im gonna get depressed and OD on meds. IF not, im going to kill myself. wu wuuu wuuuu

yomi said...

so clever, b. feeding Anon's ego ah? LOL! me thinks that this Anon has issues of you being my bf. probably somewhere inside, Anon does not like it. awwww...

adr1an said...

By watching enough criminal minds etc, id say this unsub was unloved as a child and is probably still unloved by anyone now. So in that mind he has to generate hate as his way of feeling attended to and given a shit about

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