Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teenage Music Taste

Sunday, April 17, 2011
I won't deny that I was a very angry kid when I was young. My teenage years was spent on listening to my cassette tape Sony Walkman and keeping to myself in my room. You can ask anyone else from my high school, I was quiet most of the time. Mostly cause I just sat and watch people around me. Seeing things what most people miss. I used to drain out any feelings of being alone with music. Mostly songs with full of angst. 

I guess the only reason why I talk so much now and rely a lot on human interaction is to make up for lost times. All those years keeping to myself and only talking to myself. A few close friends of mine pointed out that I am still talking out loud when it is suppose to be an inner dialogue. Well, I was always that weird kid with a weird arm. =P

2 albums that stuck with me for a long time was Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory and Meteora. It was those days when I had to go for softball practice and competition. While everyone went in groups, I walked alone with my music. I guess the only reason why I was in the team was because the teacher in-charged likes my catch and throw. Those were the days when I felt so much like a guy! Hahaha! Well, I did dressed like one with big T-shirts and baggy jeans. Even my mum was asking me if I felt like a guy. WTH! LOL! Ok, maybe all that Linkin Park anger made me feel like a guy. I dunno. Hahaha~

Reminiscing days when I was so much more fit and healthy to run around alone. 
I think I need to get back to the gym or swim every week. 

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