Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from KL

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I know! I am late! I seem to be late for a lot of festive things. Time just zoom by so fast. Christmas went by just like that. I barely felt it this year which really does upset me. I was told that I am a workaholic. I basically worked through my holidays. OMG! But at least this Christmas, I get to play Santarina just without the costume! =P

Baby is so happy with his present... =P

and Yes! He is replacing me with the iPad! That girl is now sitting in my seat... Brrr.. Hahaha! This is what happens when you get your guy something he has been eyeing on for a few months.. Its like men eyeing a chick for hours, then when giving the chance... they go nuts over the chick!

Note to self: Do not pamper guy too much! Pamper self more! Well, I still have 11 days of Christmas. I should make the most of it. I still need to get a present for Secret Santa thing at work.

It is sorta the best yet tiring Christmas. =)
Time for me to enjoy my last day of holiday!
Maybe go buy something nice for myself!!!

Merry Christmas!!

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