Saturday, April 24, 2010

Terre & Mer by Thalgo

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Saturdays ago, Sarawak Bloggers were invited to attend the Press Conference and Beauty Seminar on Terre & Mer. We had much fun listening and understanding what Terre & Mer is about and what benefits it brings.

Short introduction by the PR exec

Registration before the press conference

Let me introduce to you what Terre & Mer is. Terre & Mer is a range of skincare products by Thalgo. This skincare range has ingredients from the Mediterranean sea and plant life. Terre & Mer is all about Organic beauty. Thalgo products adhere to the product quality certifications and is eco-friendly. Terre & Mer contains no artificial colourings or fragrances. Anything that is Organic is suppose to be natural.

Nawael Merechal, the speaker for the Beauty Seminar
She gave an extremely thorough explanation on the Terre & Mer products.

gotta love the product placement!

can I be that lady??
I want the massage!! =P

the final process after the facial treatment:
peeling off the mask!

Happy me with Terre & Mer goodie bag~!

this whole pack became my travel pack during my trip to KL last week!

The goody bag included:-
  1. Marine Cleanser
  2. Marine Tonic Lotion
  3. Marine Scrub
  4. Vital Fluid
  5. Vital Cream
  6. Soothing Concentrate
  7. Anti-ageing Concentrate
During my trip in KL, I was using the Marine cleanser, toner, scrub and soothing concentrate. My take on the few products that I was using is that, the cleanser is a bit on the soft side. It is actually more suitable for Winter climates and a more mature skin as it is moisturising. The toner was really effective in taking off stubborn make-up. The scrub was my saviour! I needed a scrub to exfoliate during my week in KL.

Last but not least, the soothing concentrate was amazing because I woke up with super relax glowing skin instead of dry, peeling skin. Staying in air conditioned room every night can sure kill your skin.

Terre & Mer by Thalgo products can be found at Allunique on Rock Road. Here are some of the services that is provided at their beauty centres! If you feel like pampering yourself, you should head down to the centre for a quick fix! =P

Thats all for Thalgo!
Dont hesitate to ask me any questions.
I dont mind to share the products with you too, if you wanna try! =)

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Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hello Naomi or Yomi San! Once again, welcome back from KL. Arigato goazimas! Eh...ahaks! i dunno how to speak japanG!

Finally a review of Thalgo from you. My wife actually tried it a few times and I used it too but secretly...hahahah...I find my skin is getting smoother and I am addicted to it now. Never fail to use it every morning before i go to work. I would scrub it gently on my face and leave it for three minutes before i wash it away with water.

It feels so refreshing after using it. I wish i can maintain using it. We'll see about it later.

Have a nice day Naomi! Yomi San!

yomi said...

wow! serious? getting smoother? wooohooo~ expensive to maintain though. =P

aNgeL-cuPid said...

Finally you post eh~ =) Glad you like it. Your skin is more to dry? Then I suppose the soothing concentrate is best for you =) scrub your face only once a week ok? later kena over-peeled. lol

willie: leave it for 3mins? er...i think scrub is suppose to be "repeating it for 10times then wash off leh'. oh another thing, try mixing a wee bit of the toner with the scrub and not water. hehe =D

yomi said...

yea! finally.. sorry been so busy lately. am tired max. LOL! my skin is actually combination. its oily and shiny but the skin at the nose sometimes peels too.. weird skin...

Eve! said...

Aha! You thalgo-ong in KL.

Aint bad! :)

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