Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Go Bald for a Good Cause!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

You heard me. Go Bald! For a good cause! =) If I was still a student in University or taking a whole year off or a guy... I'd definitely go Bald for this! It'd be fun doing it together with all your friends and doing it for charity! Though, I think my mum would have a heart attack if I went home bald.... mmmm... Help kids fight Cancer!!

After a tremendously successful debut campaign, the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society is back with its second “Go Bald” event, to be held on May 16, 2010. Hair loss is the least physically harmful side effect of cancer treatment. However, it can also be the most traumatic, and a horrifying experience – especially for children. We want them to know that it’s just a temporary setback on the road to recovery.

Shaving our heads bald is a public show of solidarity with cancer patients and their families. More importantly, we can send a very powerful message to our children – that they do not have to be afraid. To show your support for these brave children, you can help to let people know about this event, raise money in donations for the SCCS, volunteer to have your head shaved, or any combination of the above.

the SCCS's goal this year, beyond raising awareness of childhood cancer and offering moral support, is to raise RM1 million for the construction of a new SCCS centre to provide an unprecedented level of care and support. Last year, they raised more than RM200,000 in pledges and donations. This time, they’ve set ourselves a much higher goal, and with your help they can succeed in making a priceless difference in the lives of children in need.

the proposed new SCCS centre

Are inspired yet to go BALD? No?!? I bet that you would look good! Young & hip! Check out that hunk from Prison Break, Wentworth Miller! or or that footballer... David Beckham! Ok.. Wentworth Miller wins hands down! David Beckham sure can kick balls better but who needs kicking balls when you've got the brains and tattoo like Wentworth Miller?? LOL!

What about the chicks? I'm a big fan of Scarlett Johansson and here is a picture of her bald! And to all you dudes who think bald chicks ain't hot... TELL ME IF MEGAN FOX STILL DOES NOT LOOK HOT HERE! LOL! You'd still want her in Jennifer's Body if she was bALD too! Hahaha! Right??

Ok Ok... Let's come back closer to home! Our very own, Kenny Sia went bald last year and managed to come up with a total donation of RM65,325.01 ! He surpassed his initial target of RM50,000.

checking himself out in the mirror...
i bet he's saying...
"looking good, hansome!"

If you ask me, I think there are a lot of good points to having your hair shaved off. =P
  1. Super easy to manage.
  2. Don't need to comb.
  3. Don't need to style.
  4. Save money on shampoo and hair products.
  5. Save time looking into the mirror checking your hair!
  6. Last but not least, create awareness for Childhood Cancer and giving moral support to them!
So what is stopping you from joining this fun event? Here are pictures from the Press Conference held a the Spring. 'Go Bald' campaign is sponsored by the Spring Shopping Mall, Cutting Edge, TruEvents, IVOQ and Studio Yolk.

the first 2 to have their head shaved! =)

damn cute lo! camwhoring at its best!
after a haircut in front of an audience! =P

funny!! its fun having friends who would go through the same ordeal with you! =P

everyone with scissorhands! =P

the pledge card!

Watch them getting their heads shaved!

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