Thursday, May 15, 2008


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay!! Corporate Accounting Test 2 down~! rar! But if I had spent more time on it, it would have been better. But I'm glad its done! Wee~!! Going to celebrate it with SUSHI! Wee!~! I hope I get extra portions cause Ah don is on a diet! LoL!

Feeling fat? Want to lose some weight?
Feel like you can't keep your hands off food? Always having that craving?
Fear of you not being able to keep to your diet??

Fear NOT! I'm here to help!
Keep me around you whenever you eat and I will make sure you won't over eat! =)
That way, you can kiss extra fat away! Me on the other hand will gain the extra pound.
Win - win situation.
Help me to help you!

Need my help, email me. =)
And I'll see what I can do to help you shed those pounds!

HAhahha! What do you think of my dieting services? LoL! While I hear a lot of people complaining about wanting to lose weight, it seems that I am the only person complaining about wanting to put on weight. Hahaa! I guess I am always the opposite of the norm. I don't like chocolates, I'm left handed, I want to put on weight, etc...

I feel too blissful for now. I am sure there is a punishment for being this blissful and contented with life. It feels and smells too good to be true. =P I'm such a cynic! Why can't I just take things as it is??

I only have temporary freedom. I have 3 things that will kill me brain by the end of May. Corporate Accounting assignment and e-Business assignment. Not forgetting Management Decision Making Test 2! Can someone please give my brain a massage???

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robin said...

hey naomi,
there is nothing wrong putting on weight, as long as those extra kilos are healthy weights.

yomi said...

but it is taking me almost forever to put on weight. LoL!

my weight now is actually just right but i think it is only my bones that are heavy! hahha!

ahlost said...

Freelance Image Consultant..*LOL* Good one Yomi.. My sis needs one but I don't think you're able to stop her from eating even though you're there.. *LOL*

yomi said...

she has to be determined first then i can help. cannot force one. LoL!

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