Thursday, March 13, 2008


Thursday, March 13, 2008
Swinburne is now just different. Somehow. Maybe cause the classes I go to are not the same anymore. Lecturers and people. Some of my friends says they don't even see me in Uni. haha! Swinburne so big liaw meh? LoL! Or maybe I just don't hang out in Swinburne that much anymore. hehe~

It is now Week 3 and my head hurts so often. The subjects are so boring and tough. *torturing* Hrmp~! That is why now, yomi is blogging not that often anymore. hehe~ sorry lo. Real life is taking up pretty much of my mind and time. =P Real life has been nice too. So virtual life has to wait.

Everything has been rather quiet lately. I like it quiet. =) Peaceful, don't you think? The rain just doesn't stop. Sleep has been good in this weather.

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Andy said...

yeah, life's hard for me too

yomi said...

hard ar? i think quite fun for you le. you're not the one with assignments to do or tests to sit for!! you're the one setting it!!

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