Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Freedom!! Haaha! I know.. totally out of topic but I ended my last paper with such a BIG KABOOM even I scare myself. LoL! Haaha! But it was totally crazy of me anyway. At times like these I'm glad I am NOT A SHY person. LOL!

Crazy shit I did:
  • Only got to Uni 10 minutes before the start of the exam paper.
  • Totally forgot my pencil case when in actual fact I know I did bring it but because it fell under the seat of the car, I thought I had forgotten it.
  • No time to drive home to get my pencil case, so forget it.. rushed to the examination hall in hopes of meeting a friend and borrow a pen, AT LEAST!
  • No one around, everyone seems to be inside seated!
  • Saw a guy walking towards the door, me with super thick skin asked him if I could borrow a pen. He said.. "My things are all inside already, try borrow from people next to you?"
  • Then I said its ok.. will figure out something and he went in first.
  • I had to walk all the way to the front to put my bag down. So I saw the guy earlier seated and on his table there were like 4-5 pens. I just took one and walk. The moment I turned back to walk to the back, I smiled at him hoping he's ok with it. So he just smiled back.
  • Sat for the 3 hour paper BUT finished it in 35 MINUTES! Haahaha! I was the 3rd person to leave the hall.
  • Having to walk back to the front to get my bag. Quickly put his pen on his table and while walking back to the back, smiled again another time to show appreciation for letting me take his pen non-voluntary! =P
  • But I saw him 1 hour later at the office and thanked him gratefully for his pen.

Horrible le me? Simply only. Don't know people just take pen. HAHHA! Even I shock myself. But I guess in desperate cases, desperate measures are taken! Hahaha! See la, rush again and last minute la! Hahha! Now that I'm done with LAN. I smell FREEDOM!! Temporary only~ Rar!

Wishing everyone Happy Valentine's Day!~! Be it single or not single, celebrate it! You hear me?? Don't be alone on this day that is super commercialized only to make you feel left out and lonely!! Find friends and treat yourself to a nice meal, you deserve it!! =) There is nothing wrong in being single! It is no crime at all. BE HAPPY!!

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usws said...

Oh no, i'm too late.. last minute business as well. Can't plan for Valentines anymore. No friends to hang out with, no significant other either. NOoooOo..

Was it THAT easy? Only 35 minutes? And is your paper in English? Why does it seem like im the only one around taking LAN subjects in BM. CRAZY COLLEGE!!

You sure are courageous.. or maybe my smile doesn't work that well. XD



yomi said...

Hehe! Happy Valentine's Day to you too. =)

I'm sure by now you have a plan on what to do. =)

It was easy and it was in English. Wee~!!! I just hope to get a good result for it. =P

I was desperate for a pen. No choice and no chance to feel shy! Hahhaha!

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