Saturday, January 12, 2008


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Temptations are great. It has a negative significance which tend to lead to a person regretting the actions taken. Most commonly known as actions with lack of self control.

Family guy..

Temptations can be:-
  • wanting to eat lots and lots of chocolates you see in the fridge
  • wanting to slap the hell out of a person who has wronged you
  • wanting to get down and dirty with the opposite sex
  • wanting to torture and kill
  • wanting to steal materials or partners
  • wanting to be in the clique
  • wanting to be seen with luxuries
  • wanting to be among the rich and famous
All this wants comes with a price to pay. I don't mean $$. Say for example...
  • eat chocs = you feel heaty and worry bout your weight
  • slap a person = a fight might come up and it will end ugly
  • get down & dirty = you'd feel so much attachment, you fall into depression, feeling used
  • torture & kill = go to jail lo
  • steal materials/partners = go to jail or kena condemn kao kao
  • in the clique = always backstabbing, gossips will go around
  • luxuries = only to feel sad and envious because you don't own it
  • among the rich & famous = you lose grip of who you really and lose your friends

But I am glad that will all the temptations put out in front of me, I am still me. A friend of mine who runs with the luxuries of connections and fame says that it is amazing how I am not affected by him when all his other friends cling on to him. His totally weird and extravagant lifestyle is but a grand story to me add in with his super high tastes in brands! Idiot~ Calling me from goodness knows which part of the world and asking me to give my opinion on whatever his obssesion is!

That somehow even though lots of temptations are put in front of me, I am still able to stand firmly on the ground with my own two feet and still be me. I am still being true to myself and not fool myself into thinking this is where I belong. I think he might be a little bit envious of me because I can control myself while he has turned slightly superficial. =P *boo hoo~ don't be envious of me* Even he realized himself that he has become a little superficial and hence he agrees with my very honest opinion of him. =) See guys can always take HONEST opinions!

He did invite me to fly away to an island for a grand getaway. Away from the unsettling days in Kuching and prying eyes of curious 'cats'! But as grand as all of it sounds, I'm stuck here with my own commitments here for now. I took a rain cheque on it and he was showing off all the details of the trip. Very very much tempted but its flying international over the South China Sea?? If it is within Malaysia, I might still be able to make it but fly international with you, Cooper?? Gotta wait a few more years when my freedom level is upgraded. =P

I'm sorry that I can't make it but do have fun on that island if you do make it there. Since you've already got it all planned out so nicely. You should enjoy yourself while I suffer here with my commitments. Don't rub it in my face though. I'd totally feel regretful but happy for you! =) But back to the main issue.. temptation..

I know of people who has lost friends in the pursuit of something that is totally not them. It has been happening too many, too often and I only learn from them that I should never let anything get the better of me. I'm glad I still have all the friends that I treasure. *THE ONES I TREASURE, get it* It is the temptation of what they see and what they think would fit them that they pursue that kind of life.

Just be sure when you want to pursue that kind of life be ready to sacrifice a lot of things that you hold dearly. AND one thing everyone should remember, CHANGE IS INEVITABLE! Sad to say but nothing stays the same, ever~ Its only whether you would change with THE CHANGE. =) The choice is yours. =)

OK, too much words... Even I myself am having a headache. Do take a panadol if you need to because I seriously took panadols before writing this cause I'm the one who is currently not feeling well. *drowsiness in pain* Signing off for now...

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Anonymous said...

temptations, temptations... too bad you're passing the idea of flying off. can I get to know Cooper too?

YOMI said...

If you're in Kuching, sure by all means... get to know him.
I'm not sure how busy Cooper is though. =)
Let's see if Cooper even reads this post. Haha!

Calv said...

prying eyes of the curious cats?
thats the funniest line i've ever heard! lol

Mr Cooper said...

Who wants to know Mr Cooper? Yes, Naomi, I'm eternally busy, hence...well, you know...

YOMI said...

Hey, cooper..
if you're eternally busy..
why do you even have time to read my blog? Haaha~!

Mr Cooper said...

It's a Sunday evening, I am allowed to put a pause on 'eternally busy' mode, you know...then back to weekdays, and more stuff...

YOMI said...

so cooper dont forget yea!
souvenir from the island!
something other than sea shells will ya??

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