Saturday, January 05, 2008

NaNa: The Anime

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nana (ナナ) is a shōjo manga. Nana is the name of the two main characters in this anime where fate brought this two girls together but both are total opposite. The anime revolves around friendship, love and music.

one is a punk singer who determines to go PRO when she gets to Tokyo, she is very independent due to her history and her love for Ren Honjou is endless. The other is a very cheerful girl who is very much still childish but always has problems in her love life. In this anime, it shows both growing more mature with each downfall both faces.

I've been watching this anime and it is highly recommended to females. I know of some guys who actually watch it too!! Haha! Thanks to Ngel who introduced it to me. But.... :'( I realized something half way through watching it...

Hachiko is so much like me OR is it I am so much like Hachiko??!!!

It is as if I'm watching MYSELF!!
It does not help understanding how Hachiko feels because I only end up crying buckets! There is also the Nana Movie and Nana 2 Movie but I would not recommend the movie version because I couldn't feel anything watching both the movies.

For everything on Nana:
Enjoy some OST from NANA The Anime:
Olivia @ Nana - A Little Pain
Olivia @ Nana - Winter Sleep
Olivia @ Nana - Starless Night
Yuna Ito - Endless Story

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videl said...

i can find somebody who can share my bucket of tears! @_@

i heartily love the Mangaka, Yazawa-sensei and honestly, all of her artworks made me cry *uh...i'm such a crybaby. -_-*

i didn't watch the anime much because i read the manga more. :D
You'd better read manga because it's not cencored..err...i mean, it is much more better. xD
And lebih sedih i tell you~!! T__T
Now the manga is up to chapter 71.
Check them out at :D

YOMI said...

Yay!! WAtch the anime la!! Serious!! Cry you know!!!

I cry til my heart so pain!!
Because I can relate to Hachiko!!

videl said...

if you're hachi then i can be miu. XDDD

but really...watching the anime not feeling nice anymore after reading the manga. XD i can feeeeelll the aura better in manga. lol~~

YOMI said...

Its not I want be Hachi..
but everything about her.. is me =(
Damn sad la! shit!

videl said...

i know i know...
the same goes with me when i first saw miu...@_@

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