Thursday, October 25, 2007

One Presentation down!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

One more presentation to go! Tomorrow's presentation is a big one! Everyone in my group is very much looking forward to it. All 29 of us had given our best and put in much effort for the showcase! I would say that I seriously do not mind to work with them in future. Haaha!!

Some of my group members even said, "When we grow up, we should form this organization! With all of us in it!" Hahahhha! I seriously won't mind working with this bunch. We have a great time working together and getting everything done. Although, yes we are a bit last minute but Hehe! We are very much students!

I will MISS this tutorial group! As corny as it sounds but I have a good time working with them and going to class every Thursday was something I actually looked forward to. YEs, they are all younger than me but I see great potential in most of them. Yes, I do like hanging out with people younger than me. Somehow their way of thinking reminds me that I should not stray too far. The young minds can really amuse me! HahaHA! I like kids too~ The nice ones not the naughty ones! hahaha!

GOOD LUCK TO US Organisation and Management Group 2! Big Big showcase tomorrow! This is it! We worked hard for these 10 weeks for THIS SHOWCASE! GAMBATTEYO!

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