Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thats the name of our organization for the presentation. Everyone was so nervous but when everything started, we were all having so much fun. Our 3rd speaker, PH suddenly went nuts on us and decided to go all fun and crazy while presenting his part. Everyone in the auditorium was so shocked even the rest of us speakers at the back was so shock!

But he damn managed to get everyone's attention to him. It was damn funny. Imagine a formal presentation suddenly turned humour-ish. He went up front, held up the mic and said..

"Testing 123?"
"Can you hear me?"
"I'm going to go without the MIC"
"Can you everyone hear me?"
"Can you see the slides??"
"Why do you need to see the slides when you can hear me???"

Like OMG! He was unstoppable. All of us at the back, rushed to see what he was doing and all of us were shock!! Those who have not present was already nervous enough plus HIM.. we were like.. UWAH!! Haahha! But he seriously was the live of the presentation. Imagine hearing lines like..

"Our structure is like a rainbow as my fellow speaker, Jacqueline had mention.. that 7 colour THING." (7 colour thing??!!?? Formal presentation ui!) *Panjang umur.. here I'm writing about him and he just came online.. *

".... .... .... .... ... for example... no, I don't have any example.. Next slide!"
"... ... ... Nevermind... ..."

OMG! This crazy guy! By then we were all laughing so much at the back. For a person whom at first I thought was pretty quiet turned NUTS when he went on stage! I think him wearing the blazer.. suddenly gave him a burst of CONFIDENCE! HAaha!

But we were short on time and we really wanted to make it within the time limit so the final 2, Delwin and I had seriously a time constraint of max 5 minutes each. Not more! So the moment, I went on stage... I stormed through the slides and funny enough I remembered every single thing that I was suppose to say.. though I had purposely left out one part at the end because I thought I had reach my 5 minutes limit. The end was suppose to be..

"I would say that our group is more of an affirmative action organization.We encourage changes at an individual level and we actively include everyone without leaving anyone behind. As the saying goes in Hawaiian, Ohana. Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten. Our group is like a family. We are bound together, sharing common goals and values towards building a beneficial website for the students of Swinburne Sarawak Campus."

Didn't say those lines. I directly passed the floor to Delwin. When I got to the back, Jacq said.. "You did it in 3 mins!! Good Good!" Delwin was good too. He was dressed really smartly with a blazer too. He rushed through the slides like a bullet too but gave a very touching closing but a very scary line at the back.

"I would like to represent my group in saying that we would love to take up Organization and Management again, given the chance"

During practice, it was ....

"I would like to represent my group in saying that we would miss Organization and Management very much!!"

Because if it was the first.. It would mean by saying all us don't mind to fail and take up the subject all over again!! Wahai!! Hahahaha! But I doubt we'll fail! This subject is by far the best I've had. I've met some really good people here and as Delwin said in the closing...

"From strangers to friends, from conflicts to friendships..."

I really do not mind working together again with this bunch. WE all did great for our group essay too, everyone got a Distinction. Though maybe it should have been a High Distinction. HAhaa!

Way to GO ELITEZ!!

One day before Presentation~

10 minutes before Presentation~

Right after Presentation~ All damn happy!!

All speakers for the showcase (missing one~) some more all looking at wrong camera~

All speakers and some looking totally the wrong way and not prepared!! hahahaha!

Our chicks presenting our PYRAMID!!

Outside~ presenting wacky crazy people of OM tute group 2~ Hehe!

The afternoon we spent our last few hours with the PYRAMID before giving it to our lecturer as a souvenir~

Take TWO!

Last PIC! WAcky us~!! Haha!

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