Sunday, October 28, 2007

Eau De Toilette Spray

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some guys I know, knows the importance of putting on a cologne but I do know some guys who don't know the importance of putting on a cologne! But seriously... I know how some of you would say, "Why should I mask my PHEROMONES which is the key to attraction??" During prom, I realized how colognes really makes a difference. =P =P

Hehe! Think of cologne as.. enhancements to your current pheromones! Hahahah! But seriously.. I find that some guys really smell good with certain colognes. I've managed to get only the BRAND of the cologne though but some which I've given to friends as presents.. I know exactly what smells good on em'. Hehe~!

So far, I still think the Dior for MEN range is like.. WOW! (as in Christian Dior) Somehow Dior has this sweet scent that captures my attention every time. Haaha! Seriously like having bees flying to the honey~! Haaha! Christian Dior maybe famous for its cosmetics for WOMEN but I know a few guys who are using the Dior for MEN cologne. =)

Second place, would go to Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio Men. The first cologne that I actually fell in love with a few years back. It has this very cooling smell that every breath you take in, you feel... awe~ I got it for a friend for Christmas a few years back and it really makes him smells really nice everytime we met. =)

Third place would go to, POLO Blue by Ralph Lauren. A very sexy scent. Exerts a very masculine scent and is sure to have a girl noticing any guy having on Polo Blue. Hahaha!!

So far I find Davidoff's range is way too smoky, cigar, musky for me. Very WOOD smell. Hahah! Same goes to Hugo Boss too! HAha! I've got a friend who is so damn sure that CK is still the best. I guess I'll have to wait for him to come back this year end and I'll determine if CK is nice or not. HAhaha!

Call me weird but sometimes I do play around with colognes. Especially friends' colognes. Its amazing how many bottles they have. Some even keep colognes in their CAR!! Or in their BAG! HaHA!! But be wary with guys who have colognes on, hang out long enough with them.. you'd go home smelling just like them. Hahaha! Which I don't mind much since I like most of colognes most of my guy friends are using.

See how important colognes are????? Haaaha!

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