Friday, September 14, 2007

Monkey Meet Orang Utan

Friday, September 14, 2007

Two weekends ago, I went on a hunt to find Orang Utan! =P I went with Dr. Clem in search of em'. We wanted to go to Semenggoh to see but we actually couldn't find the place for an hour. We drove to the area of Borneo Heights.. looking at mountains and longhouses. Finally found Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and then the guy at the counter said.. "It is not guarantee that you will see the orang utan because feeding time is only 9am and 3pm. Even so, they may not come to eat and stay in the jungle."

So to make sure we actually see orang utan.. we drove all the way to Matang Wildlife Centre from 10th mile. Guarantee CAN see orang utan. What do you think a monkey will do when it meets an orang utan? =P Wanna see monkey meet orang utan?

Monkey meet baby orang utan.. =P

Monkey pointing at Doris, 5 years old orang utan..

Doris is such a poser. HAha! =P

Doris looking at us.. I wonder what she thinks of when she's looking at people looking at her.... hrm...

Big big orang utan.. me dunno how old it he.. but he got FLAPS on his face..

The bonus was being able to play with the baby orang utan at the end. Her name is Gus. She's only 2 years old. They found her in Sibu in a cage as a pet. We even met the owner of Jambu Restaurant there. What a coincidence, since the last time Dr Clem and I went to Jambu we met him too. What a monkey day... hehe!!

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Anonymous said...

who is this suku dr clem go with u??? Obviously does not kno u enough.

YOMI said...

and then.. i know who you are.. welcome back.. you are just annoyed that i am loving life again

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