Tuesday, September 04, 2007

MediaWorks of Motion Line Pictures

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Its been quite some time since I last wrote about Motion Line Pictures. Maybe because I have been inactive in the company for quite some time. My brother and his partner seems to be handling everything nicely.

One of the works done that I was particularly happy with was the promo video for the School Marching Band Competition National Level which was held in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. I was impressed with the first video for the State Level but after he did the National Level, it showed much improvement. Recording your own videos gives you more options as to what angle and what you want to record.

Take just 4 minutes and watch the promo video a.k.a. trailer! :P Look like movie trailer to me. =P Tell me watcha think of it.



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Steven Spielberg said...

Wow! I am astounded by the quality of the camera work and editing. They remind me of the classic works of John Ford, Minelli, Wong Howe and others. You will be hearing from my production studio.

YOMI said...

funny mr steven spielberg.
and now, why would big shot mr steven spielberg read my blog???

steven spielberg said...

because your website so velly interesting mah ....

YOMI said...

hahaha.. and yes mr steven spielberg uses 'mah' in his sentences. haaaha

Steven spielberg said...

ya lo ... didn't you kno that MAH is a very Jewish expression? Anyhow .... I besides signing up Motionline Pictures, if you have time in between semesters, my studio would like to have you play the lead role as a mysterious Asian beauty with Jackie Chan in a new thriller comedy set in the jungles of Borneo.

YOMI said...

Uwah~ I am so 'excited'. =P

Mark said...

My god! That's so awesome. Not to mention the marching is so cool, the editing just impressed me! eh...got Sarawak Marching competition ah? I guess kuching don't have any "troops" enter hor?

YOMI said...

If you ask me the whole Band
Competition would have been
boring because my brother said
that it was from morning til evening.

I would probably only go to watch
my ex-school's band. =P

The video you watched is like a
summary of what they do in the

Sarawak Marching Competitions are
only among schools. There are
different levels, School Level - State Level - National Level.

National is normally the best
because its the best from every

steven spielberg said...

so you want the role or not? a chance for you to be a star. well, sort of star..

YOMI said...

still thinking! hahaha!

steven spielberg said...

no salary though. but you have the chance to become a movie star and gain popularity. do consider.

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