Saturday, September 22, 2007

Catscity Clique a BLAST

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I know it has been exactly one week since the event and here I am the super last one to blog about it. Hehhee~ Oh well, it has been a hectic week for me. One of the best week in months BUT also one of the worst week for me. Enough bout that. =P

Last Saturday, it was a rush.. Angel last minute no transport and we were trying to figure out how but in the end, nice nice Ronnie agreed to pick Angel up. 3 of us went up and the sky was like so dark by then. Choulyin arrived just as we arrived at the entrance of the airport.

Registered and everything was a bit slow and quiet. Most of the bloggers were hanging out in their own groups, I know I also did. =P hehe~ I hung out with Ron and my babeh, Angel. Also Ah ben ben! So we took some pictures and talked among ourselves.

Then yes.. this dude with a video camera came around and talked to us. In which I thought was a local blogger but turns out to be that Advertlets dude. Things started to get fun during the trivia game. I know I was so noisy. Sorry~~ I'm like that when I'm hyped up. Normally in a crowd I would be quiet and be the person watching only but somehow that day, I was one with the crowd! =P

I only managed to answer the questions on Adverlets but not the ones on Starbucks cause it was my first time at Starbucks, Kuching International Airport. =P My opponent, Adrian.. Foo~ He sungguh hiong also! hahaha! I kao tao to him, man~! But he's a real sport too. =) We ended the whole thing with a blasting time of paper, scissors, rock. The person who supposedly recorded it, didn't record it!!! Hahaha~! Too bad!

Paper, scissors, ROCK!

Daniel and I looking at Josh's cam to see if he did or did NOT record!

After the trivia, we all mingled around and then Anna and Sam finally made their grand entrance! Wooot~ full gang there! So snapping pichas session was a must! We played around, talked and catched up since we dont really meet up much. Plus eHON was there some more. Fun fun, ben-pert was there! How can it not be fun? Even can see Ron so happy! hahaah! By then, choulyin already left.. =(

Ron and I with ngel's fingers????

Cool cool Ah BEN!

Us~ SAm, Ehon, me, ngel and na~

By 5.30pm, most of the bloggers left already. Thanks to Anna, Angel, Ben Ben, Gladiez and Sam for waiting with me for my mum to come pick me. =) I really felt bad that you guys had to wait for me. Thank you so much. I went to church with my family and then got to Topspot for the dinner.

I was too early le. Even my babes not there yet. Luckily, I met a family friend and sat with them for awhile. Then after some catching up I went over to sit with the other bloggers who had arrived. Then the rest arrived. Ordering food was not easy.. Everyone was thinking hard what Mr. Advertlets should try in Kuching.

Total of person was 19 with two round table connecting and I get the best of both worlds. =P Hehe~ Neutral bah.. Mix with everyone. Yummy food, we had bidin, ojien, lemon chicken, huge prawns, small prawns, mix veggie and tek hum. So yummy ooo~~!

Table on my left was quite quiet but the table on my left so opposite! Hahah! Plus Ah Sam right next to me making us the left handed chicks with the same WATCH! I didn't even realized it til she showed me hers! Haaha!


The left handed chicks and the right handed guy~

Weee! CRazy us~!

me and thejoshlim

ooooo... ah ben~ you actually look hunky here! *cough cough*

After dinner, we decided to follow Johnston them gang go bowling. Everyone else said they had to go home. So the few of us, me, ben ben, josh, johnston, rose, tim and his gf went off to try out luck at bowling. Long time since I last played. Johnston so pro pro ooo.. Rose also! Tim's gf hiong hiong!! At least I beat josh! MuahaHA! Check out our scores:

look person number 1.. So high! Guess which score belong to WHO!

Ah ben actually not bad le~~! Quite Hiong!

HAppy us after a good GAME! GG~

Two rounds of bowling and it was midnight already so we went to eat LOK LOK at Ban Hock Road. In which I didn't eat the Lok Lok but I got drink Liang TEH! Thanks TIM for the Liang TEH! I like Liang TEH. =) (that reminds me I need to go get some this weekend!)

We met a few other friends of Rose and Aaron Chang joined us with Melissa (a friend of my sister). I think everyone was busy talking while I was busy playing with my rubic's cube. =P Aaron and Josh was annoyed by it and tried solving it. Turn the cubes here and there.. even I was annoyed because see them so chi cham try to solve it! Feel like just want to take it and solve it then habis cerita~ Haha!

It started to rain quite heavily. So Lok Lok meeting adjourned~ Ben ben and I ended up showing Josh Kuching during night. We showed him the few nightlife places but only drove pass ler.. Then drive pass everywhere but didn't get down ler.. scared later ahkua chase us~ =P Josh was so excited about the Hotlink banners hanging, we actually thought of cutting one banner down so he can bring back to KL!

We even showed him that Laksamana dude at Friendship Park. Showed him Kuching houses and even Ah Sam's house. =P hehe~! Then too late, I had to go liaw.. So the end. HAhaa~ It was fun! But Ah ben's car air-cond damn powerful! My fingers freezed man eventhough I sit at the back! What a day~

Then early morning we woke up and went for breakfast again. Appointment was set at 8.30am so I expected them come at 8.15am mana cai.. woo hoo.. 9.15am! Irene and Jimmy so nice come pick me! We met up with Anna, Gladiez and of course not forgetting Ah Sam at Sin Chong Choon Cafe. We made sure that Josh tried Kuching Laksa before going back to KL and also Chicken Rice and that that 3 layer tea!

pics taken from damn nice le, anna creatively decorated the pics~! =)

Anna and Gladiez left early cause Anna has Sunday Class!!! Wahai~ Sunday also have to go study. Foo~ Hardworking man! Irene, jimmy, sam and i sent Josh off at the airport. So BYE BYE mr. advertlets. Hope you had a great time here. So that concludes Catscity Clique! Yay! Finish everything in one post! Phew~!

Til next time.. PEACE! Bye bye!

**All pictures courtesy of Anna, Ben, Jimmy, Rose, Sam & T-mo-T.

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AiR said...

I've never seen scissors-paper-stone so intense before! hahahahaha...

YOMI said...

Hehehe! Sorry lo.. me to excited. =P hehe!

A bit paiseh so many ppl around
and I also automatically got
faster and faster. I even felt
adrenaline rush man!

AiR said...


Can't stop laughing everytime i think about the TIGHTLY CLENCHED UP FIST (for stone), THE PALM THAT LOOKED LIKE IT WAS GONNA BITCH SLAP SOMEONE (for paper) and the ANGRIEST PEACE SIGN EVER (for.... aahh... u get the idea..)


YOMI said...

Serious?? it was that bad??
Me??? all that?? hehe!
Adrian le?? was he like that too???

Gosh~~ Now I feel bad for being so agressive, I think even Adrian must have thought, "Uwah this girl scary!!" hahahah!

ahlost said...

hiak hiak.. bowring bowring.. let's go bowring :P

YOMI said...

bowring..... you also like to pronounce L as R... Hahah!

Like corour!

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