Saturday, September 01, 2007


Saturday, September 01, 2007

I realized something about myself. I've learnt to not expect anything from anyone. I don't mean material sense though. I just mean what I expect out from a person. I guess the reason why sometimes I refrain myself from calling anyone or smsing anyone is the fear that the person may not reply or may not pick up my call? Same reason as to why I never ask a person out. Not even a girl. If I do ask, it is probably something very important.

When I meet a new person or friend, I'm just very casual about it. Sometimes people say I'm just playing hard to get but it is not that. I just don't do much, I guess. If the person wants to talk, I don't mind. Talking is my specialty but other than that I just never expect anything.

Having no expectations at all frees me from disappointments and all the other headaches. Haha~! Maybe funny but sometimes it isn't that funny though. Having no expectations at all gives me nothing be upset at all. Nothing to be disappointed about.

Having no expectations would mean to have NO hope in anything? Some people would put it that way. That I am a realist. I do hope for some things but I just do not put so much hope in it. Maybe fear of that HOPE doesn't come fulfilled?

Its like when you expect some people to have some proper manners, they don't. When you expect some people to be civil to each other and they are not. When you expect something to turn out exactly how you want it to be but it doesn't.... You get? Disappointed...~

To expect or not expect??

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Anonymous said...

A good philosophy; that way you will never be disappointed by anything. And when something does go right, you will be pleasantly surprised. A pessimist is always surprised and, an optimist is usually disappointed. But I guess it’s not a question of to expect or not, it’s a matter of how much to expect. That of course, depends on the context in which you’re expectations are based.
Too much surprise or disappointment can get boring so; expect something, but not too much.
Do everything in moderation.

Anonymous said...

Kuching also got philosopher kah? I tot Socrates died a long time ago and lived in Greece.

anonymous1 said...

Philosophy means to say the way of thinking or mindset. Sorry if i was misleading in my choice of words. Yes, Socrates died in 399BC.

anonymous2 said...

hmmmm ... when females clear their minds .... you will learn that it doesn't mean that they are seeking solutions or insights from a listener .... they just want someone to listen and be sympathetic.

YOMI said...

Clever~ i wonder who anonymous 2. =)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 = Lim Goo Nee

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