Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And why do I feel like screaming???

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm in the library typing this. I've just finished my first paper, Accounting for Success. I've realized that I've made a few stupid mistakes! yomi, you stupid girl~ I have no idea if my mum is coming to pick me. I've tried calling her a few times but she ain't picking up the phone. She's probably celebrating somewhere with her friend while I'm still here stuck with 3 more papers to go.

Knock your head la! **that was for me NOT YOU! sienz sienz... the questions come out before one you know!! I actually went to sleep with a smile on my face at 6am! I was like.. "finally i understand accounting.." understand DOESN'T mean I'm pro at it! One mistake, everything wrong! Sienz!!

I still have one more paper tomorrow morning, LAW IN GLOBAL BUSINESS!! How to remember all the case study when I've been memorizing 25 formulas last night, 1 whole diagram which I only finally understood last night, 4 stupid phrase about CASH!!!! I need to have an output plug where I can move my memories to somewhere else and key in new ones! CASE STUDY CASE STUDY! Maybe I should write a post on CASE STUDY! and see if I can remember tomorrow during exam??HAhaha! I'll think about it! BYE!!

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