Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rushing~ Oh Rushing~

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
I've been real busy since last week. Believe me, it was like rush here, rush there. Wang Ying and I rushed to get the tickets to KL and on the day itself, we rushed to get on the bus. Life is so rushing.

We went to KL on Wednesday night to attend WY's cousin's farewell dinner. The dinner was great. We even had red wine and moon cakes! yummy! hehehe~ As usual, we would stay at Auntie King's place. =P Paiseh, everytime stay there but its so cozy and home like. Not like our hostel back in Tanjung Malim.

Andrew will never get to rest properly once I'm around. I bug him so much that he gets quite annoyed sometimes. On Merdeka Day, WY and I had to rush to KLCC to watch the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. We couldn't find the Hall. Walked from one end to the other.

Finally we gave up and just ask the information counter lady. She directed us and soon we were rushing there. Great relief when we saw our other coursemates. Strict rules on dresscodes and bags. Bags have to be left outside at the baggage counter. While being in the Hall, there was no COVERAGE on my phone. I guess their way of keeping all cellphones uncontactable.

The performance was amazing. When they first started I was so amazed at the quality of the sound and how the instruments didn't need any microphones and speakers to amplify the sound. Amazing~ The harp performance was great. I was watching his fingers~ Great for plucking guitars and 'something else' according to Fadzli. *bad for health*

I was suppose to rush back to Andrew's place after the performance but I was notified that the dinner was cancelled and I could take my time. So I took the chance to walk around KLCC. Guess who I met in KLCC shopping? Marvin and his gf in Parkson Grand, cosmetics section. He kept teasing about the maktab perguruan thing. hrmp~! =
I only managed to stand KLCC for one hour. I walked every floor from P. Ramlee Mall to Ampang Mall. Too high class for me ooo. I could only look at those things. The only thing I bought from KLCC was a bun from BREADTALK as I was so hungry~! =
Got back to Andrew's place and had big big dinner with lots of mint chocolates and dragon fruits. I suddenly kept eating the mint chocolates. It was so yummy to my mouth and tummy. Hahaah~! At night, I spent the time looking at Singapore maps online to prepare for my journey to Singapore by bus.

I cooked Korean mee for supper with egg and chinese cooking wine. Yummy~! Reminds me of home. At least, Andrew says its nice. Haha~! See.. who says I can't cook. Bahahaha! We ended up watching 'Shaun Of The Dead'. Gosh, I can't watch anything bloody. I was even shutting my eyes or squealing from time to time watching that movie. Andrew was practically laughing at me. Hrmp~!

But poor him. He was suppose to sleep on his bed but he ended up sleeping on the couch since I was watching the tv. I felt bad but I still wanted to know the ending of the movie. It finally ended at 3am. So late~

I woke up at 7am and packed everything to go. By 7.30am, I was downstairs looking for breakfast. Too hungry~ wahaha~! After awhile, I was already bugging Andrew, who was still sound asleep. Poor dude, I'm such a bugger. Hahaha~ What to do, I hate sitting down quietly doing nothing. Gets me too annoyed. Hehe~

My journey from PUDUraya to Singapore is 5 hours and 30 minutes. I slept 4 hours away and 2 hours trying to study. Damn bad sitting position~ When I arrived, I had to find my own way to Harbourfront to meet my sister. Luckily, I didn't get lost...

Arrived in Harbourfront at 3.30pm. Had to wait for my sister til 7pm, after she gets off work. Walked around the whole place. Its good that my sister told me to wait for her there as there were many tourists around waiting to board the StarVirgo Superstar Cruise and ferries to BATAM. So I blend right in with my luggage. Hhehe~

And so my Singapore Trip begins...

In Thai Express~

Teresa getting ready to eat~

Me waiting~ Yucky smile~

Just normal stuff you see~

Do you believe that this is TOM YUM SOUP? SUPER HOT TOM YAM! I make sure I take this Tom Yam soup every time I'm in Singapore~ Highly recommended.

Pineapple rice~ Yummy and hot too~

Hehe~ =P

Like people always, go jump into the river~

Ooo, the SUN!

"Eeee, me smiling"

Hehe~ Loot at my hair, damn bright~ DAMN =\

Jei jei don't like my hair so she threw up~ Hehe~ J/K

City~ High high buildings~

Hungry again?? They taste sweet, ya know....

Yeah, he's my favourite icon~

More art works~

Pipe organ in the Church of the Good Sherperd located near Raffles.

The Altar~

Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, just across the road.

Cool window yeah?

Wanna go up, but the sign says FOR STAFF ONLY~

Tree~ Wee~

Nice design right?

Jei jei promoting SAMSONITE

Just my sister~

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