Friday, September 08, 2006

My Holiday Break

Friday, September 08, 2006
My last day in Kuching. Seriously, its torturing to think about it. Since yesterday I’ve already had the symptoms of sadness. Started crying and staring blankly at anything. My appetite was so bad that I felt like vomiting a few times.

In less than 24 hours, I’ll be back in that HOLE. *cry* Could someone just take me away from there?!?! I wanna stay home!! That place is just not for me. Like people always say “There’s no place like home.” It is only now that I really know why that is so.

My trip back here has been amazingly packed. I was out almost everyday and coming back only at night. Met up with my godbrother, Darius and friends. My godbrother did make me a proposal that is to stay back in Kuching but to study in Lim Kok Wing with him. Sounds very tempting though.

On Tuesday, I met up with my godbrother at LKW but the first thing he did was look for his friends. The moment he came back, his friend, Desmond was asking me if I would mind to be their model for their assignment. Since I had time, I agreed. The things my godbrother get me into~

At night, I met up with Mike and went for dinner at Elephant Café. I met Bernard working there. Wee~ 6 months since I last saw him! After dinner, we went all the way to Unimas to have a look and also to meet Julian. Right after meeting Julian, we went back to the city to Tao, just to drop by at the mini-bloggers meet. I stayed only for half an hour though as I had to get back home.

Wednesday, I was out shopping with Feli. We were being tourist in our hometown. Walking along Main Bazaar. We finally settled down with Bamboo Whistle and Pepper Sweets. For dinner, I was out with my family with my godbrother included. We had Beef stuff at Lam’s Place. Yummy~!

Thursday (yesterday), the moment I stepped out of the house, I was out the whole day and only got back at 1.30am. Met up with Adrian, Anna & gang, my godbrother and the jazz band from IMH. Lunch was alright though by then I already had no appetite to eat. The rest of the afternoon was spent at my godbrother’s place. Was suppose to go for a spa but due to certain circumstances the plan was cancelled.

At about 9.30pm, we went to barZ!ng to watch the live jazz band with my Darius’ friend. Though, by then I was already getting sick. Felt like I was gonna have sore throat and flu.
Sounds better than living in the HOLE. Seriously~~ =\ But as always, I think too much and I know that normally my conscious gets the better of me. Damn it~! My short break is almost over. =( I think I wanna go church later. Chao for now.
Here's some pictures~ =P

Odd expression

Lucky I was not wearing a skirt~

What am I smilling at?

just standing around~

Among the greens~


My godbrother's tattoo~

Darius and I

Darius and his craziness~

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