Monday, December 19, 2005

Siblings and Gals

Monday, December 19, 2005

In the afternoon, I went out with my brother and sister to Saberkas. He just wanted to go look at laptops and my sister and I just wanted to see what goodies we can buy for snacks. Heheh... We had two hours there. We walked around looking at computer parts and laptops. It sucks a lot when you can only do window shopping.
At 4.30pm, my dad came to pick us up and drop us off at church. I saw Dean and Milton across the road but too bad I couldn't walk over to talk to them. My sister wanted to go for confession. She had earlier on made an appointment with Father Albert. In the end, we stayed for the daily evening mass. It was faster than normal weekend mass.
At around 6pm, my mum picked us up and we went home. About half an hour later, Anna Bella called me telling me that maybe Angel can get the car and we would be able to go the St Teresa gathering. By then, dinner was already on the table. I got ready in about 10 minutes and managed to gulp down my dinner before Angel came.
Victor, Angel's friend ended up picking us all up since Angel couldn't get the car. After picking me up, we went to Anna's house. Then Eleanor's house. I hugged Elea and she greeted Anna. She shooked Anna's thigh, Anna in returned wanted to do the same to Elea but she touched my thigh instead. I was molested!~!~! Help! Hahha... Then we went over to pick Vivian's house to pick her up and met up with Sophia at the St Teresa carpark. We drove to Hui Sing to get some food since it was a potluck party.
We arrived at the party fashionably late. I think it was after 8.30pm. The party was suppose to start at 7pm. We all ate and catch up with each other. Some were watching tv. American's Top Model was on Channel V. I don't know why those models want to put themselves through such mean remarks and comments. Hai~
We started taking pictures using Angel's phone. They took many pictures. Then Vivian used her FunTwist digital camera. It looked pretty cool. She can set the timer for it take picture by itself. So nice. Hehehe... Photo shooting time. *Snap Snap Snap*
Then Karol left and we left right after that. Victor who dropped us at the party was supposed to meet his friends but they left him behind and went to watch King Kong without him. So he waited for us to finish with the party. He even ate dinner by himself at Hui Sing. Poor thing~
So, Sophia drove us to Hui Sing and we met up with him. We all sat down and had a drink except Anna, she didn't want a drink. We talked and laughed. I must say we were a bit loud. I started telling them about the prom I went last week and started to make them suspense. Sophia did not like listening about scary events. A guy was behind her taking a bowl away and she didn't realize until she turned and she was surprised. Adds to the effect of my story telling. Heehe.. She moved away and sit in between Anna and Eleanor. From there, I explained to them about the significance of 3am. Heard it from 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'.
We stayed there until everyone left. The only table left was ours. It was almost 11pm. So we left the place and sent Anna home first since her parents prefer her to be home early. We waited outside of Anna's house and figured out where is the next place we would go. A white dog was walking towards us and Sophia suddenly on her headlights. The dog jumped in surprise. Hehehe.. Soph is so mean. Disturb the dog.
In the end, they decided to go clubbing. So we drove to the city. Unfortunately on a Monday night, Grappa was pretty empty. So we decided to move to bing! instead. The place was quite full but in the end, the waiter told us we could have the comfy couch but Elea prefered the back so we moved to the back.
We sat and talked again. From time to time we would burst out into laughters. Victor's friends who ditch him came but before they arrived we wanted to make them regret ditching him. So we made him sit in a more 'cool' position. Since his friends ditch him, he gets to hang out with 6 gals or rather 5 gals then since we sent Anna home.
A friend of Victor, Henry sat with us and chat. Angel went out to talk to the other guys. So we continued talking and laughing. The things we do best when we get together. At around 12am, bing! was closing. So we had to make a move. We couldn't figure where else to go. Angel didn't want to go home yet. So Sophia sent Elea, Vivian and I home first with Victor tailing behind.
I got home around 1am. Luckily, my mum was ok with it. I guess coming back at 1am is better than coming home at 2am. A difference of one hour. This is the second time I went home at 1am and my mum's ok with it. Yay! But Kuching is so boring, there isn't a nice place to sit down and talk after 12am. Oh well~~
I hate being a bum at home. I want a job. Something to keep me busy and yet still earn $$$. I'm just rotting away if I continue being like this. I need to change my sleeping hours and do something more useful. Hrmp!~!

Eleanor, Me, Angel, Anna and Vivian in the middle.

Big group photo. Angel and Sophia missing.

PS: The lighting for the pictures a bit no good. The first pic, dunno why Vivian turned yellow and the reason why the second picture is taken so far its because no one was holding the camera. HEhehe..

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*~AnnA~* said...

again i wanna say.. i looked huge in that pic! >.<

yomI said...

hahaha.. I think you look fine. Seriously. I wish I was your size though. Hehehe...

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