Saturday, April 16, 2005

Prefect Training Camp

Saturday, April 16, 2005
Well, its been a long time since I actually sat down and type something. Miss reading? Hehe.. I'll be as briefly as I can. Last week there was LOTB. Lord of The Band. I went to support Mike's band. He played for two bands. Although he didn't win anything, he was very happy cause they were really rocking~ That's the spirit. It was too bad I didn't get to watch Milton, Dean & Chester perform on Saturday night. I went home earlier. The Lord of The Band was held in SUPP Hall. It was pack with people. Those mainly standing outside were smoking. I met quite a lot of people there. Kuching is very small.
This whole week was a pretty normal week to me just that I went for library twice. It was fun. Quiet and I get to borrow books and read books too. A lot of really good reading materials. Being a librarian doesn't really need much to know. Just keep the place clean, quiet and arranged. The computers seems to be down. All the CPUs were taken off. Sadness..
After school today, I slip and fell backwards again. My head, backbone and elbow his the tile floor again. This is the second time. Man, it hurt!! Blame it on my slippery shoes. HRMP!! Oh the pain~ So if for the next few days, if you find yourself not able to understand what I'm saying don't try to. I may just be talking crap. I realized after the fall, my mouth says different things from what I was thinking. Like totally opposite things. Hai~ but funny~!
The prefect training camp started today at 2.30pm. Its for the form 4 prefects on probation. I am only in-charge of food & drink. It is only during meal times that I'm busy. Pretty ok. Feli, Lilian, Jason and I had to carry up 15 boxes of water bottles up to U6A from the canteen. HEAVY!! My arm muscles should be bigger now. Haha.. Haniff helped carry 2 boxes at one time. Thanx, MAN! Four of us hung out in U6A while waiting to Mike Kulow. Feli and Lilian had their lunch in class. Air-conditioned room. Luckily~!~!
After awhile, Jason went to the take clinic key from Sean. I wanted to take a rest as my head was giving me a headache plus my elbow was in pain plus I get to use the Metsal. :P Yes, I know I'm addicted to it but at least it soothes the pain. Hehe..
I couldn't sleep as people were making lots of noise so all I could do was lie down and relax. Good thing we had nothing to do too. After that, Feli and I went to have a snack with Pn. Lye. We went to Boon Khai near Thompson's Corner. I had 'Black Beauty', Feli had a nut sundae and Pn. Lye had longan. Teacher ordered a plate of LOK LOK and rojak. It was a bit too much for only 3 of us. We talked and ate.
When we got back to school, we had to go buy a few things. So Feli, Lilian, Jason and I went to 'Choice Food Centre' to do our shopping. Since Jason was holding the money, we started calling him 'Ah Pa'. We were telling him things like "Pa, I want that one", "Pa, can I have a box of cigarette?", "Pa, I want 'chup-chup'" He played along too. It was funny. A father and 3 daughters.
We left the place after paying for the things are rushed back to school. We had to prepare for dinner. Mainly only mix the cordial drink. Hehe.. Easy jobs. We ate around 7.30pm. Simple food. Rice, veg and chicken. One piece of chicken only! HRMP!
The probationary prefects had treasure hunt after dinner. We all went to the auditorium. Jason brought his really heavy and strong torch light. We were playing, shining it around to see how strong it was. Sean, our camp commander. He may have a strict face on sometimes but deep down he is really just crazy!! Haha.. I always miss the chance to see him shouting at people with an 'angry' face. I doubt he can scold me with a straight face even. HAHa..
We hung out in school for about another half an hour and then Feli and I went home. It was pretty early but its ok. At least my mum was happy to see me home early. Hehe... I have to go sleep now. I have to wake up at 5am on a Saturday morning. Hm.. *sleepy*
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